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Get HVAC Pro assistance after a Google Nest HVAC monitoring alert

If you get an HVAC monitoring alert from Google Nest, you may decide to hire an HVAC Pro to check your system. Among other options, you can contact your existing Nest Pro or book a pro checkup with our partner Handy.

Existing Pro

If a Nest Pro installed your thermostat or serviced your system, and you want to hire them again, you can check for their contact information in the alert or in your Nest or Home app settings.

Check your Nest app settings:

  1. Open the Nest app and then in the upper left corner, tap the menu icon.
  2. In the upper right corner, select Settings Nest settings icon
  3. Select Contacts.
  4. Select Pro services.

Check your Home app settings:

  1. Open the Home app and then tap Add .
  2. Under “Manage services,” tap Pro services.

HVAC Checkups with Handy

Nest can also help you find and book a qualified HVAC Pro. If you’re in an eligible region of the US or Canada, we may include a link in your app settings or your HVAC monitoring alert directing you to a website where you can book a Pro through our partner, Handy. 

This feature is currently available in the US and parts of Canada. Pro support is not available in Quebec at this time. Check if you are in an eligible Handy pro HVAC checkup region by entering your zip code in the “Enter Your Information” section on Handy’s site.

Handy is a platform that connects qualified professionals (like HVAC Pros) with customers who need their services. If your existing Pro is already on Handy, they will be prioritized in booking. 

Nest has partnered with Handy to offer:*

  1. Preferred pricing for Nest users. You’ll get your money back if no issue is found.
  2. Trusted Pro Checkups performed by experienced and certified Pros who are highly rated by customers like you.
  3. Easy scheduling, including flexible online booking and rescheduling.

The price of a Handy HVAC checkup will vary based on the time of year and region.

During visits, HVAC Pros will follow social distancing guidelines and wear personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, and shoe covers.  Learn more on the Handy booking page.

How to book a Pro on Handy

You’re eligible to book an HVAC checkup on Handy if you received a Handy booking link in your Home app or Nest app settings, an HVAC alert email, or Home app notification. You must also live in a region that Handy supports.

  1. Follow the Handy link in your alert email, Home app notification, or Nest or Home app settings.
    • You may be asked to log into your Google or Nest account. 
    • You may be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions. 
    • Then you’ll be linked to the page “Book a Pro through Handy,” which tells you more about Handy. Read the page and then select Book with Handy.
  2. On the Handy maintenance visit page, select an appointment type, urgent or standard, and desired appointment date to see a price. 
  3. Enter in your payment information to finish booking your appointment. 

*These benefits are only available through using the Handy link provided in certain emails and/or Home app issue alerts, not via other marketing communications, Google Nest home report, marketing materials or the Google/Nest app pro settings. These benefits are subject to change at any time. Pro ratings are based on reviews provided by Nest customers who have booked HVAC maintenance appointments on Handy’s platform. 

Sign up to receive Pro booking emails from Nest

In some regions, if you want to get emails from us about Pro booking services that you’re eligible for, you may need to check your app settings or sign up for Nest marketing emails. 

You can sign up for Nest marketing emails when you set up your thermostat. If your thermostat is already set up, you’ll need to reset your thermostat and set it up again. 

If you have Nest Thermostat, you’ll also get a link to sign up for Nest marketing emails in your welcome email.

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