How to watch your camera video with the Home app

You can view all your cameras at a glance with the Home app just like you can with the Nest app. You can turn on the camera without having to go into the camera’s settings. To control cameras, use the Nest app.

Cameras view

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Tap Cameras.
  3. If you have one camera: You will see the liveview screen of your camera.
    If you have multiple cameras: To view one camera’s liveview screen, tap on its live feed.

Android only: The camera aspect ratio will adapt during the load process the first time you go into the immersive view. Then your mobile device will cache the camera aspect ratios and subsequent visits to this view for faster connection.

Turn cameras on or off

  1. Tap Turn off or Turn on over your camera’s video.
  2. If your camera is offline, you can tap Retry to reconnect.

More features

In the Cameras view, in the top right, tap More options More. In this menu, you can:

  • Tap Turn all cameras on or Turn all cameras off. A message will appear to show how many cameras were turned off or on.
    Note: This may not be supported for some third party cameras.
  • Tap Help to go to the Help Center.
  • Tap Feedback to send feedback about the app.
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