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Updated: Yesterday
Will my guest mode still work if I go on vacation? Nothing
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Fox News not playing For a week when I go through morning routine I hear news. First choice is fox. Currently it gets to … I have to ask google twice to play music every time When I ask my google home hub to play music it says ok, but I have to ask again for it to actually p…
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Quiero organisar las canciones que bayan en orden ejemplo 1,2,3,4... no que salten 1,5 ,16 Organize my play list
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Google home keeps turning volume up overnight I have my Google home set to 20% volume. Recently though it's started cranking up the volume randoml…
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GH stops playing Spotify for no apparent reason Out of the blue this weekend one of my Google Home devices has stopped streaming music from Spotify …
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Not enough audio delay correction for the group I have the google home mini and I Bluetooth music to a speaker on one side of a large room and I cas…
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Playback delay greater rhan 200ms Correct playback delay of over 200ms using a mini and bluetooth
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My speaker group of Google home devices now not casting properly. I have a speaker group of 1 Google home and 2 mini's that I have been casting music to with no issue… My Google Home devices are not showing up under “Local Devices” and won’t let me cast. Both my Google Home and Google Home Mini are set up on my only WiFi network but are not listed under…
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How do I handle this conflict of my phone responding to me saying "Hey Google" to my minis? I would like to figure out a way to end the conflict of my phone giving the Google Assistant "beep" …
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Sorry, something went wrong. When you are ready, give it another try is the message we receive when we ask Hey Google to play music. When the set up was complete there were no issues and within half an hour we continue to get the response previously mentioned. Request music. It previously worked but not any longer. I bought a JBL Link 300 from Best Buy. It was an open box and when I set it up it was linked to someone else’s account and Home. I would like to reset this but it won’t seem to let me remove the original person who set it up. Please help. Remove a original user from a device.
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Chromecast ultra is connected to Wi-Fi but cannot be found by home app or other streaming services. I have a Chromecast ultra connected to my projector. I have been using this without any issue whatso…
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