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trying to set up chromecast for my tv keeps sayin that its not found in set up how do i fix this? I force stopped and rebooted and still it wont find
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My Google Home Mini keeps cutting out almost like its loosing signal When playing music especially it keeps cutting out. I have tried all reboots, unplug and replug, dis…
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Spouse I believe tracking and spy's on my phone with his Completely wipe him and everyone from access my url or something that was created
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When asked to turn off, Google said power controls not supported. Unplug several times and factory reset. Audio group disappear from list Audio groups keep disappearing then reappear on google home.
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When I 'hey google' off, it no longer turns off the music. this is for home and home mini Prior to a few days/weeks ago, when music was playing on my Google home, I could say 'hey google, of…
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Broadcast not working I've had home for 4 months, two chromecasts and 2 home minis in the network. I've just upgraded from…
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How to dim lights in routines with Leviton switches I control Leviton light switches through google home (I have google home hub/nest). I can dim the li…
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Let's talk about Home Automation! Hey everyone, When I scroll through different communities, I notice how popular the Home Automation …
Sometimes my Google Home will say "does not support POWER CONTROL" What is it? Google the term "power control" My Google Home Mini says "sorry I can't take notes yet." I thought Assistant had that capability now I've searched online and others seem to be able to do it.
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It wont let me link my account On the Google home app it says to link my account but I cant. The Google home mini says to login whi…
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How do I completely turn off google Country night? There's always a notification running and visible I want to completely turn off google country night How do I keep other's from connecting to my Google Home Mini? I have a Google home mini set up in my daughter's room. Today I overheard Google give notifications …
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Issues playing to speaker group with bluetooth output I'm attempting to use a speaker group which, incidentally, seems to be a bit of a flakey feature in …
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Google Home Mini arbitrarily restarting itself while on audiocast/bluetooth since the past 2 months I have been facing an issue where my Google Home Mini speakers randomly rest…
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I have YouTube Music Premium but I still get adverts playing between tracks on my Google home I have a YouTube Music Premium account with my student email address which works fine when I use You…
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How to control Bluetooth speakers volume separately? I'm casting audio from Google Home to my Bluetooth speakers which don't have a volume control. The o…
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Your netflix account is no longer linked. Message on screen says unlink then relink. I did this Play something on netflix
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Synch calendars Finding the synch option
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