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How can I ask my google assistant to tell me the time in hh:mm:ss format I usually ask whats the time, but it only returns time in hh:mm format. I am expecting it to return …
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Broadcast not working I've had home for 4 months, two chromecasts and 2 home minis in the network. I've just upgraded from…
0 Recommended Answers 30 Replies 34 Upvotes
How can I default use Google Play Music instead of YouTube Music when asking Home to play a song? Standard default choices will let you choose spotify and deezur, but will not let you select play ov…
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Continued conversation not working Continued conversation doesnt seem to work on any of my 5 minis. All enabled in settings but doesn't…
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Home Google unit will not shut off. Say''s " Power Controls Not Yet Supported"...What''s Up? Nothing yet...asking if anyone can help.
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When asked to turn off, Google said power controls not supported. Unplug several times and factory reset.
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How do I turn off the new google assistant. It dosen't work well on my phone. I want to use the ori I went into Google Settings and emailed Google about situation. I want to Turn off new Google Assist…
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How do I choose my primary phone for "find my phone"? Hello, i recently bought a new phone ( S9) and left my old phone( a5 2017), but it didn't work quite…
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Viaplay is not available to add in TV/video services Hi, I’m trying to link the streaming service Viaplay to my services in the Google Home app but it’s …
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I use to turn off google home mini by saying "turn off". Now it doesn't work. Anyone have same issue Reboot
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Setting up epic Google eco system Hi there, I am considering making my life a Google eco system through phone and home and wanted to l…
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Home hub doesn't hear me I have one google home mini in living room and home hub in bedroom. Home hub doesn't pick my ok, goo…
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