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Updated: Today
"sorry I couldn't reach philips hue" after being able to for almost a month. Google Home stopped being able to connect to all of my Hue lights a couple days ago. I now get the m… Since the update my wemo switch stopped working Since the update my wemo stopped working I unlinked it now when I try to add it it keeps telling me …
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Google home mini always shows up as 'not playing' Hello, I've had this Google Home Mini since Christmas and it's been working fine until about recentl…
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Google mini 4 lights flashing every 5 seconds https://youtu.be/5j24u7L2s6U. Google mini lights flashing Default tv setting not working I have set, and reset, the preferred tv and speaker numerous times on both my Google account and the…
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When i say ok Cooper it triggers google home. Can I fix ( Cooper's my dog so I say it a lot I can't get it to not trigger what I say okay Cooper
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Tunein not working in Google home I have two speakers, Google home and home mini, and same issue, ok Google play "radio station" and s…
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When I have more than one light in a room Google home will group them together. When I have more than one "light" in a room Google home will group them together. If I name them som…
Updated: Yesterday
please help me tp get my messages help "It looks like that playlist doesn't have any songs" google home This configuration worked for about 2 years up until or around November 2018. I inquire with google …
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Sometimes my Google Home will say "does not support POWER CONTROL" What is it? Google the term "power control" The othet phone is NOT MINE STOP LETTING THEM SIGN IN Everything 2 days!! Pls block tbem
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can i add my daughters voice onto my account for Google home mini? i just got a Google home mini, ive set it up using my voice and all of that, but am i able to make i…
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When will Google Keep integration come back to the Google Home? I heard last year that we are going to be able to select Google Keep for keeping lists on the Google… Cant put device into your home Trying to add my Sony Bravia with built in Chromecast to my Google home and have an error saying CAN…
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Why is it translating in the assistant voice? I'm trying to translate and it translating using the assistant voice and pronoucing as if the words …
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How do I set a general reminder for all users in my home group, or a timed broadcast? I am trying to set a reminder to feed a family pet. I need the reminder to play at a certain time to… Can I add a Bluetooth speaker to a home group with multiple google minis Haven’t - want to know before I purchase How do I play multiple Google Music accounts? Newbie here, Google Home and Google mini, I set Home up with my account and then invited the wife. G…
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My Google Home speaker sounds like it's blown, I think the sub driver. What can I do? Don't know what to do! But I need to get it repaired or replaced.
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