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Google Play Music uploaded/purchased music is now available on Google Home

Hello Google Home lovers,

We wanted to share some great news! All your feedback and suggestions have been heard and we are happy to announce that you can now listen to music you’ve uploaded to and purchased on Google Play Music.

On top of the subscription or free radio service, you can listen to music you’ve uploaded to and purchased on Google Play Music.

When asking for songs, albums, and artists from your library:

  • Free radio service (U.S. and Canada) - Uploaded/purchased content will play before the free radio station.

  • Subscription -  Subscription on demand content will play before your purchased/uploaded content unless you ask to play it from your library using “Play X <from my library>.”, “Play my X”, etc.

A few points to note:

  • The "Play <genre/mood/activity>" basic voice command isn't supported for uploaded/purchased music.

  • If Google Play Music isn't your default music player, you need to say “Ok Google, play X <on Google Play Music>" to hear subscription/free radio/uploaded/purchased music. Only personal playlists will be prioritized above your default music player.

  • This feature is currently rolling out to all regions where Google Home is supported.

For more information, check out the article in the Help Center.

Happy jamming,

~Paula and the Google Home team~

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What about "Streaming" (subscription) music from your library? Can we now say "OK Google...Shuffle My Music"?
That's fantastic news - thank you for listening and responding to user feedback!
Finally. However this news comes about 24 hours too late since I just ordered the Amazon Echo specifically because Google Home didn't have this feature.
Sorry Google.
Expert - Top Contributor
Awesome, thanks Paula.
I was able to ask the home to play "Jill Barber" and it played a song.   "Jill Barber" is a playlist. 

It played one (1) song from the playlist and then started playing some other crap which isn't in my library.

So this feature doesn't seem to be ready for release.
519 MORE
1 day
Suddenly, after weeks of trying with 'not available in your area' the track plays!

Is it fixed?  

Uploaded another track from same album ... AND guess what ....?



This so-called music service is utter rubbish.



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