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Meet the Google Home app

The Google Home app helps you set up and control Chromecast (Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast Audio, TV or speaker with Chromecast built-in) and Google Home devices. Plus, you can discover your favorite music, TV shows and videos to cast to your TVs and speakers.

You can use the Google Home app to:

  1. Set up Chromecast (Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast Audio, TV or speaker with Chromecast built-in) and Google Home devices.
  2. Manage your Google Assistant settings and preferences (Google Home only).
  3. Manage device settings.

Tabs and app controls

Menu drawer

The Menu drawer is found in the top left corner of the Google Home app's home screen. From here you can set and manage your device settings.

Cast screen / audio (Android Only)
This is found within Menu .
Cast Screen lets you mirror your Android device screen -- including audio. It's compatible with Chromecast devices and TV’s with Chromecast built-in.
Cast audio lets you mirror the same audio being played on your Android device directly to your Chromecast Audio, Google Home, or speakers with Chromecast built-in. This also includes casting audio to a multi-room group.

Google Assistant settings (Google Home Only)
This is found within Menu .
The Google Assistant menu will ONLY appear in Menu if you have a Google Home device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device or tablet. Here's more on Google Assistant settings.

Device menu
From DEVICES you can:
  • Control your Google Home, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast built-in devices, and the content you choose to cast.
  • Play, pause, stop or change the volume. The Google Home app makes every device in your house a remote control.
  • Personalize several features from within this menu. Go to the device card you want to personalize, tap the menu button in the top right corner, and select from there which feature you want to personalize
New device notification: If we've detected a Chromecast or Google Home device that hasn't been set up, you'll see a blue notification tab near Devices . Tap Devices and scroll to find the device card you'd like to set up. 
Active device notification: If you're playing media from a Chromecast or Google Home device, you'll see a yellow play sign near Devices . Tap Devices and scroll to find the device card playing media. 
Watch tab
Find TV shows and movies from apps you've already installed. You can also see which compatible TV and video apps you already have on your phone or tablet, and discover new video apps to download. This tab is available on Chromecast and TV’s with Chromecast built-in devices only.
Listen tab
Get a curated lists of albums and playlists, personalized by your favorite music apps, like Google Play Music and Spotify. You can also see which compatible music and audio apps you already have on your phone or tablet, and discover new music apps to download. This tab is available for all devices. 
Discover tab

Live cards: Here you'll get help configuring a feature or completing an action. These cards are only available for Google Home devices.

Offer card: The offer card shows promotions or offers for both installed and uninstalled apps. Touch the offer card to redeem the offer. In the top right corner of the offer card, tap the three dots to select, redeem, hide terms, or view all offers. These cards are available for all devices.


Feature cards:  Here you’ll get tips on how to make the most of your Google Home. These cards are only available for Google Home devices.

Collection cards: Here's a collection of apps, or cards such as music apps. These cards are available for devices.

Search for great TV shows, movies, videos, and app content from installed and uninstalled Chromecast-enabled apps. You can search by title, genre, or actor. You can also search for other Chromecast-enabled apps. U.S. only. 

Personalized feeds: Within the Watch and Listen tabs, you'll see music, podcast, TV shows, and more based on what you've watched.  

Personalized offers: Within the Watch tab, you'll see offers based on your activity and interests. 

Shelf titles: You'll see a "Recommended for you" content shelf based on your activity and interests. You'll also see a "Featured/Popular/Trending" shelf based on what others are watching.


App launcher: Scroll to the bottom to find a list of Chromecast-enabled apps you've already installed on your phone or tablet.

Browse: Swipe left to see details about content, including reviews and trailers, if available. 

Which tabs will I see?
Note: You may not see all the tabs above in your Google Home app. The tabs you see depend on which Chromecast (Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast built-in device) and Google Home devices you've set up. 
Device(s) Available tab(s)
Chromecast only WATCH, LISTEN. & DISCOVER
Chromecast Audio only LISTEN & DISCOVER
Google Home only LISTEN & DISCOVER
Google Home + Chromecast WATCH, LISTEN, & DISCOVER
Chromecast + Chromecast audio WATCH, LISTEN, & DISCOVER  
Google Home + Chromecast Audio LISTEN & DISCOVER
Google Home + Chromecast + Chromecast Audio WATCH, LISTEN, & DISCOVER


Device cards

Within Devices (found in the top right corner of the Home screen), you'll find the following device cards to help you make the most out of your available Chromecast and Google Home devices. Devices and device cards

Found New Device card: 
Keep all your nearby devices organized with the Found New Device card. This card appears when it finds any new Chromecast or Google Home devices in the area. To set up the device, tap SET UP at the bottom of the device card. Not interested in setting up a device but want to keep it available for later? Tap IGNORE at the bottom of the device card.


Ready to Cast card:
This card shows a device that is set up and currently ready to start using.


Active Device card:
This card shows a device that is set up and currently active. Here is where you will see what's playing as well as control playback and volume.

Linked devices card:
This card shows devices linked to your account that turns on customization features, such as personalized backdrop, voice control and more.


Ignored Device list:
Ignored devices aren't gone for good! To get to nearby devices that you've previously ignored, scroll to the bottom of the Home screen, and tap IGNORED NEW DEVICES. Available devices will appear. Tap the device you'd like to set up.

Manage your settings

This is where you can customize or change various components about your devices settings.

Manage your settings
This contains setting options for important aspects of the device such as:
  • Name of linked accounts
  • Alarm and timer volume adjustment
  • Device name
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Guest mode 
  • Accessibility
  • Firmware Version


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