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Listen to radio

With Google Home, you can use your voice to listen to terrestrial or internet/satellite radio stations through Google Home or a TV or speaker with Chromecast built-in. 

Use your voice to listen to radio

Here are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home when choosing and listening to terrestrial and internet/satellite radio.

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google,” then...
Listen to closest radio station by name “Play Mega 97.9 FM," “Play ESPN Radio," “Play Mega 97.9 on iHeartRadio”, “Play WNYC”
Listen to radio station by call-sign  "Play KQED", Play KFOG”
Listen to radio station by frequency “Play 98.5" 
Listen to radio station by frequency in another location "Play 98.7 New York"
Listen to radio station by name in another location “Play Z100 in Portland,” “Play Z100 in New York”
Play radio on TV or speaker with Chromecast built in “Play CNN RADIO on my <device name>”
Play a nearby NPR station "Play NPR"
Pause  "Pause" or "Pause the radio"
Resume "Resume" or "Continue playing"
Stop "Stop" or "Stop the news"
What radio station is playing “What's playing?”
Control volume  "Set volume to 5," "Set volume to 40%" 

Other ways to control radio

From the Google Home device
To do this: Touch the device like this: Image
Play / Pause / Stop    Tap once on the top of the device
Turn up the volume  Swipe clockwise on the top of the device. 
Turn down the volume  Swipe counterclockwise on the top of the device. 
Start your request  Press and hold down on the top of the device
From the Google Home app
  1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Home device.
  2. Open the Google Home app .
  3. In the top right corner of the Home screen, tap Devices  to see available Google Home devices. 
  4. Scroll to find the device card for the Google Home.
  5. On the device card, you will see the radio stations or show that is currently playing.
  6. You can stop, pause, resume, and adjust the volume of Google Home from the device card—the same way you control your music.


  1. If Google Home doesn't play the radio station you requested, be more specific with your query, or ask for the station in different way, using name, frequency, or call sign.
  2. If the request is not properly answered, try adding "on TuneIn" or “on iHeartRadio” to the query. Example: "Play ESPN Radio on TuneIn” or  "Play ESPN Radio on iHeartRadio."
  3. If the provided station is inaccurate when asking for frequency, try adding the name of a nearby city. Example: "Play 101.9 FM LA."

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