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Get calendar & event information

Add calendar events or get your schedule for the day with your Google Assistant on Google Home. 

Calendars you can use 

Supported Google Calendars:

  • Main Google Calendar of the owners of the Google Accounts and voices linked to Google Home. 
  • Shared Google CalendarsAdditional Google Calendars created by or shared with owners of the Google Accounts and voices linked to Google Home. This excludes the unsupported Google Calendars listed below. 

Unsupported calendars: 

  • Other Google Calendars —  Birthday, weather, and holiday calendars.
  • G Suite Calendars —  Calendars created from a G Suite domain.
  • Imported calendars — Calendars imported from URLs and iCal calendars.
  • Calendars that don’t have read or write access to events. For example, a calendar with only free or busy information. 

Step 1. Set up personalization

One person using Google Home

Personal results must be turned on to add or hear your calendar information. 

  1. Open the Google Home app .
  2. In the top left corner of the Home screen, tap Menu .
  3. Verify that the Google Account that is listed is the one linked to Google Home.  To switch accounts, click the triangle to the right of the account name and email address.
  4. Tap More settings. 
  5. Within "Devices." tap the Google Home you want to adjust.
  6. Within "Personal results", slide the slider on .
Multiple people using Google Home

If multiple users are using the same Google Home, everyone who wants to hear personal calendar info on Google Home must set up Voice Match, even the person who set up Google Home. If you've already linked your Google Account and voice, skip these steps. 

  1. Open the Google Home app .
    1. Make sure the Google Home app is updated with the latest version.
  2. Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home.
  3. Tap Menu  and make sure the Google Account listed is the one you want to link to your voice. To switch accounts, click the triangle next to the Account name and choose the correct Account. 
  4. In the top right corner of the app Home screen, tap Devices . Find the device card of the Google Home you'd like to link to your voice. 
  5. From the device card, tap the blue banner labeled Multi user is now available or Link your account.
  6. Tap CONTINUE. 
  7. If you haven’t already agreed to what is required to get help from your Assistant, you’ll see a screen outlining the permissions. Tap YES I’M IN. 
  8. Follow the prompts to teach Google Home to recognize your voice. You'll say "Ok Google” twice and “Hey Google” twice. Note: This turns on Personal results.
  9. To test a few phrases, say something like, “Ok Google, tell me about my day.” Tap CONTINUE. 
  10. To invite other people to link their Google Account & voice for tailored results, tap INVITE, choose your communication method, and send the invite. To skip this step, tap No thanks.
  11. You'll see a list of devices you've linked to your voice. These devices will read personal info when they hear your voice. If your Assistant isn’t recognizing your voice correctly, tap Teach it your voice again to try again. 

Step 2. Add shared Google Calendars

You can hear events from shared supported Google Calendars after adding them to Google Home.

Add shared Google Calendars
  1. Open the Google Home app .
  2. In the top left corner of the Home screen, tap Menu .
  3. Verify that the Google Account listed is the one linked to Google Home. To switch accounts, click the triangle next to the account name.
  4. Tap More settings.
  5. Under "Services," tap Calendars.
  6. Under “Your calendars,” the main Google Calendar associated with the Google Account and voice linked to Google Home is checked by default.
  7. Check the box next to other shared calendars you want to hear events for.
  8. (Optional, English only) Under “Default calendar to create events,” choose the Google Calendar you want to add events to when using voice commands. Note: You'll only see shared calendars you have "write" access to

Step 3. Add an event using your voice

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google," then...

Add a calendar event 

Note: Your Assistant asks you to specify the title, date
and start time of your event. The default duration is one hour. 

"Add <event> to my calendar"

"Schedule <event> for me on Saturday at 8pm"

"Add <event> called my  birthday dinner"

Important: You can't delete, cancel, or modify an event, add invitees, or set a location using your voice. This is done in the Google Calendar app or on desktop.

Step 4. Ask for event information 

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google," then...

Hear information on
a single upcoming event/meeting

“When/what/where is my first event/meeting?”

“When/what/where is my next event/meeting /
Hear information about multiple events/
meetings/ agenda/calendar​

Note: You'll hear information
for your first three scheduled events 
“List all events for August 1st”

"What’s my agenda for today?"

“What’s my calendar for Friday?”


Make sure Personal results is turned on. This is required to get calendar information.

Elise is a Google Home expert and author of this help page. Leave her feedback below about the page.

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