Get started with sharing

Share your favorites places, things to do, and thoughts with others in your domain.

Share with your followers

  • When someone follows you, they can see posts you've shared with them in their home stream.
  • You don't have to follow them back.

Share with the public

When you share a Currents post with "public”:

  • Anyone can see it in your domain.
  • It might show up in searches.

Choose who can see your posts

  • You can choose who can see your posts.
  • When you share a post on Currents, people who follow you and have permission to see that post can see it in their streams. Posts you share can also show up on your profile.

Block people from seeing your posts

If someone follows you, but you don't want them to see anything you post, you can block them.

Comment on posts

  • You can have conversations with people on Currents by commenting on posts.
  • People can turn off commenting on their posts, so you might not be able to comment on everything you see.
  • People who can see your posts can also comment on them, unless you turn off commenting for that post.
  • Anyone who can see a post that you commented on may be able to see, like, and reply to your comment, even if you aren’t following each other.

Like posts you like

When you see a post or a comment you like, you can like it.

Reshare posts

  • You can reshare posts to your own Community or followers.
  • People can turn off resharing for their posts. Some posts shared privately can't be reshared, so you might not be able to reshare everything you see.
  • You can also reshare posts publicly and externally to show posts from Currents on other websites.


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