Currents is no longer available as of July 5, 2023. This content will be removed by December 31, 2023. Learn more.

Use circles on Currents

Note: As of May 29, 2019...

You can no longer create or post to Circles. However, you can still edit and delete circles.

In addition, the following has changed for Collections:

  • You can no longer create or follow Collections.

  • You can only create a post in a domain-restricted Collection from inside the Collection.

  • Google+ no longer recommends Collections.

However, you can still edit, unfollow, and delete Collections.

You can use circles to control who you share posts with. Add people to a circle, then share a Collection or a post with that circle so those people can see it.

You can add someone to a circle even if they don't follow you, so they'll be able to see posts you share with that circle, but might not see those posts in their home stream.

When you add someone to a circle, they might get a notification letting them know you added them to one of your circles. They can see anything you share with that circle, including posts you shared with that circle before you added them. If that person adds you to their circles, posts you've shared with them may appear on their Home page.

You can see people you have in your circles by choosing People in your Navigation menu.

The people and pages you add to circles are publicly visible by default, but you can change who can see the people and pages you add. Depending on your settings, information about the people or pages you’ve added to circles may also appear in shared endorsements.

You can add someone to a circle or remove someone from a circle at any time.

Important: If you use a Google Account through work or school, your administrator may turn off your ability to use Currents. If Currents is turned off for you or your work or school account is deleted, you can’t create circles, add people to circles, and any circles you had will be deleted. You will also be removed from other people’s circles.

Note: Currents no longer syncs profile information from people in your circles with your Android Contacts. Any profile information that was previously synced to your Android Contacts has been removed. To find the profile information of people in your circles, go to the "About" section of a user’s profile and you’ll see any profile information they’ve shared with you.

Add or remove someone from a circle

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Currents app "".
  2. Open a profile you want to add, move, or remove.
  3. Below their name, tap the circle they're in:
    • Check each circle you want them to be in.
    • Uncheck any circle you want to remove them from.
  4. Tap Create.

Note: When you follow someone, they're put into your "Following" circle. 

Edit a circles

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Currents app "".
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then People.
  3. Tap Following.
  4. Open the circle you want to edit.
  5. Tap More More.
  6. Tap Circle settings.
  7. Make your changes.
  8. In the top right, tap Save.

Delete a circle

You can delete circles on your computer and Android devices. 

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Currents app "".
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then People.
  3. Tap Following.
  4. Under "Your circles," tap the circle you want to delete. 
  5. At the top right, tap More More and then Delete circle.
  6. Click or tap Delete or OK.


  • By default, "Your circles" includes all the circles you've created. If there are circles you'd prefer not to share with, you can remove them from the "Your circles" group. 
  • People in the circles you're following are still included among your extended circles.

About extended circles

When you share something, you might notice an option to share with your extended circles. Your extended circles include people in your circles' circles. Posts shared with your extended circles will be visible on your profile to people in your circles' circles.

For example, let's say Nediva is in one of your circles, and Jadon is in one of Nediva's circles. You don't know Jadon and he's not in any of your circles. If Nediva chooses to have Jadon visible on her profile among the people in her circles, and you choose to share a post with your extended circles, that post could appear on Nediva's Home page and be visible to Jadon on your profile.

You aren't able to see a complete list of the people included in your extended circles -- it's a collection of people that's frequently changing.

Your extended circles may also be used to help generate suggestions of people Currents thinks you may know.

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