Currents is no longer available as of July 5, 2023. This content will be removed by December 31, 2023. Learn more.

Currents settings

You can change your Currents settings by opening the Menu Menu and choosing Settings.

Note: You can only see and change some settings on certain platforms. If you can't find something you're looking for, please try a different device. In the Android app, you need to select an Account after you open Settings.

General settings

You can change these settings to see,

  • Who can send you notifications.
  • Who can comment on your public posts.
  • Who can see your "likes on posts" activity.

You can also make changes to your Activity Log. The Activity Log lets you manage and delete your activities on Currents, like comments, Likes, or posts. You may need to first click Manage Web & App Activity.

Photos and videos shared on Currents

You can choose whether to include geo location by default on photos you share.

You can choose whether people can download the photos and videos you share.

Profile settings

You can choose what information shows up on your Currents profile. You can show your posts made to Communities, and people who've added you to their Circles.

Stream settings

You can choose to autoplay animated images in the stream (this feature does not work for Android). You can also choose how many Suggested posts to show in the stream.

Note: You can only see and change this setting using a computer.

Notifications settings

You can turn notifications on or off based on specific actions, like when someone mentions you in a post or invites you to a Community.

You can also turn on or off notifications for occasional updates from Currents, such as from people you might know, and other Currents activity and friend suggestions.

Keep in mind:

  • You may not receive certain low priority notifications on all devices.
  • You may still see notifications from people outside this setting for posts you are involved with. For example, you may be notified if someone outside this setting comments on your post or if they comment after you on a post. 
  • Some notifications, like those sent via email, can only be turned off using a computer.

Location settings

You can use the "Location" settings in Currents to change your Google Account location settings.

Keep in mind: You can no longer share your location from the new Currents iPhone or iPad app. If you previously set up Location Sharing with the iPhone or iPad app, you can:

  • Use your Google Account to see and change your Location Sharing settings.
  • Continue sharing your location if you're using Location History in the Google app.

Privacy settings

You can manage your search history and activity on Google. You get a more customized experience with search history and Google Activity on, but you can clear this information and adjust these settings. Your options are,

  • Clear Currents Search History: This manages your search history within Currents.
  • Manage Web & App Activity: This manages your activity across Google Apps.
  • Manage Google Activity: This manages activity through your Google account.

Account settings

You can delete your Currents account by clicking Delete your Currents profile. Clicking this link will take you to the Delete a Google service page. From there you can delete your Currents profile.

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