Limited access and profile suspensions

The Currents User Content and Conduct Policy describes the shared values of the Currents community. Currents is a place where people can express their beliefs and values, and our policies help foster a positive environment.

These policies may change based on the needs of the broader community, so we encourage you to review them regularly.

We take our policies seriously and ask you to respect them. When you are posting or sharing content on Currents, you have certain responsibilities to yourself and to others.

We’ll warn you if you violate the Currents User Content and Conduct Policy, and ask you to review our policies and refrain from doing things that the community may find offensive or annoying. We’ll also warn you that if you continue to violate our policies, you will lose the ability to use some or all features of Currents and other Google services. If your violation of our policies is particularly severe, we may limit or suspend your access to Currents without warning.
Limited access
Your access to Currents may be limited if you’re frequently in violation of our content policies. You’ll still be able to sign in to Currents and see what the people and pages you follow are sharing, but you won’t be able to share new posts or comment, or add people to your circles. Your access to other features may also be restricted.

We may limit your access again or disable your access to Currents entirely if you continue to violate our content and conduct policies. We understand that Currents and its policies may not be for everyone. If you do decide that Currents is not for you, we encourage you to make a copy of your Currents data before you disable Currents.
Profile suspension

For repeated or particularly severe violations of our policies, your Currents profile may be suspended permanently. This means you will no longer have access to Currents and may be prevented from using Google services that require an active Currents profile. If your profile is suspended, you can use Google Takeout to download a copy of your content for up to 60 days, before your content is deleted. Depending on the severity of your violation, you may be able to appeal your profile suspension if you believe that your content or conduct does not violate our policies. If your appeal is successful, your content may be restored.

Suspending your Currents profile has many consequences, including:

  • Your circles are deleted.
  • Your +1's are deleted.
  • Your posts and comments are deleted and are no longer visible to anyone you shared them with.
  • Currents social and sharing features are disabled in other Google products and services.
  • Your Currents pages and their content are deleted. (If you decide to disable Currents, transfer ownership of your pages first.)

Suspending your Currents profile does not affect some other Google products and features, for example:

  • No photos are deleted: you can still access them and delete them in the Album Archive.
  • Your connections to third-party services aren’t affected. To manage them, use the Connected Accounts Settings.
  • Your chat buddies in Gmail aren’t deleted.
  • Your Currents Local reviews aren’t deleted: they are marked as private and you can find them in the "My Places" section of Google Maps. You can delete them there if you want.
Notifications for limited access and profile suspension
You’ll be notified by email and upon signing in to Currents if we limit your access to your Currents profile. The notifications will detail the length of your suspension, which can vary based on the severity of the violation. Certain severe violations may result in suspension without notification.
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