Impersonation guidelines on Google+

Google+ has always been about connecting with just the right people. Whether you're reaching out to an old friend or looking up the business hours of a local store on Google+ pages, you want to be confident that these profiles and pages really represent who they say they do.

When creating a page or profile

  • As the Google+ User Conduct and Content Policy states, don't use Google products to impersonate others. In other words, don’t create a Google+ profile or page that might deceive users into thinking that it officially represents a person, business, or other organization when it doesn't.
  • We welcome fan commentaries and parodies as a rich part of the Google+ experience. If you want to create such a page, make sure you clearly name it as a fan page or parody to ensure that other people won’t confuse your page with an official one (for example, "I Love Google" instead of just "Google.")
  • Don’t use an official logo as your profile picture.

Report an impersonation

If you discover a page that you think is impersonation, report it. We’ll take a look and let you know whether the page or community violates our policies.

Report an impersonation

If your page or profile has been suspended

You can make any changes necessary to conform to our guidelines and then ask us to review it again. Just sign in to your Google+ account > open the suspended page or profile > edit it > submit an appeal to have it restored.

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