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Google Cloud: Maps Support Holidays

See the Technical Support and Services Guidelines for products covered.

The following holidays are non-business days/hours for Google Cloud Maps APIs and Geo Support in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific in 2017.

Please be advised that messages received during these days will get a response from the next available team (in a different timezone). Should you experience a critical issue during these days (ie, a major part of your services is not functional for your end users), please file a case with priority P1, and it will be looked at in best effort. Users with GOLD Support should send a page for critical issues during this period.

Please consult the appropriate Technical Support Services Guidelines document for more specific information on service levels and response times for your product and geographic location.

Google Maps Support Holidays in Asia/Pacific, 2017

Holidays observed in Japan and Australia

  • 2 Jan: New Year's Day Holiday
  • 18 Sept: Respect for the Aged Day

Google Maps Support Holidays in EMEA, 2017

Holidays observed in Switzerland

  •    2 Jan: Saint Berchtold's Day
  •  13 Apr: Holy Thursday—Half a Day
  •  14 Apr: Good Friday
  •  17 Apr: Easter Monday
  •  24 Apr: Sechseläuten
  •   1 May: May Day (Labour Day)
  • 25 May: Ascension Day
  •    5 Jun: Whit Monday
  •    1 Aug: National Day
  •  25 Dec: Christmas Day
  •  26 Dec: Saint Stephen's Day

Google Maps Support Holidays in the Americas, 2017

Holidays observed in the USA

  •   2 Jan: New Year's Day
  • 16 Jan: Martin Luther King Day
  • 20 Feb: Presidents Day
  • 29 May: Memorial Day
  •   3 Jul: Independence Day Holiday
  •   4 Jul: Independence Day
  •   4 Sep: Labor Day
  • 23 Nov: Thanksgiving Day
  • 24 Nov: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • 25 Dec: Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec: Christmas Holiday
  • 29 Dec: New Year's Holiday


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