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If you’re a Google Cloud or Google Workspace customer, instead join the official communities for peer-to-peer conversations, launch announcements, product updates, road maps, and more: Google Cloud Communities

The Partner Advantage portal is the official community for partners enrolled in Google Cloud Partner Advantage. It’s a one-stop destination for partners to access the latest news and resources, including launch announcements, product updates, and technical documentation. The Cloud Connect portal is no longer being updated and will be phased out shortly.

Sign in to Partner Advantage portal as a new member

You need to sign in using the Google Account associated with your business email address (for example, 

  1. Go to the Partner Advantage portal, click Login, and follow the instructions. 
  2. For Create your Google Account, click Sign in Instead to go to the Partner Advantage portal sign-in. For details, review the instructions
  3. If you don’t remember your password, click Forgot Password? and reset it.

Sign in to portal (already enrolled in Partner Advantage)

If you have a Google Account associated with your business email address and your company is already enrolled in Partner Advantage, you have 2 options to access the portal:

  • Contact your Partner Administrator and ask them to:
    1. Open the portal and next to their profile, go to My Account.
    2. Follow the steps to provision you as a user.
  • ​​If you don’t know your Partner Administrator, register yourself as a new partner portal user with limited access:
    1. Go to the Partner Advantage portal and click Register as a new partner portal user.
    2. Using a business email, for example,, complete the form and click Submit.

      You'll get a confirmation email with a link to the rest of the registration form.

    3. Go to the link and follow the instructions.
    4. Select the company account that you're associated with and click Submit.

      After finishing the registration process, you'll get a welcome email with sign-in information for the Partner Advantage portal. For more details, review the instructions.

Get help

If you still can’t sign in to Partner Advantage, contact Partner Support Desk.

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