Create a timelapse

In addition to standard video clips, Google Clips can create timelapses. A timelapse is a clip that is created with a low frame rate, but played back at a faster speed. This means you can watch events that take place over a long period of time in a short clip.

A timelapse can be as short as 4 seconds, which is 30 seconds of real time footage. The longest a timelapse can be is 3 minutes and 45 seconds (225 seconds) which is  30 minutes of real time footage.

Turn on Timelapse

From the Clips app home screen tap Settings settings gear icon And then Timelapse And then turn it on Toggle switch.

Create a timelapse

A timelapse is created when Google Clips camera is turned on and you keep the camera still for more than 10 seconds.

To start capturing a timelapse:

  1. Place the Clips camera someplace where it won’t be moved, like a table or shelf.
  2. Twist the lens clockwise to turn the camera on.

A timelapse will end when either:

  • Google Clips camera is moved for 2 seconds. Small or short movements of the camera won’t end a timelapse.
  • You turn the lens to the Off position.
  • A timelapse reaches its maximum length. After one timelapse reaches its maximum length and ends, Clips will start making another timelapse.

Your timelapses will appear in your Google Clips app home screen along with the rest of your clips. Timelapses will have a badge in the upper right hand corner.

Note: Timelapses and standard clips are made at the same time, from the same footage. You may see the same events in both a clip and a timelapse.

Manage a timelapse

For information on how to manage, save, delete and edit your timelapses, go here.

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