Update Google Clips

To enjoy the latest and greatest features on Google Clips, your device may need to update to the most recent software version.

When the Google Clips app connects to your camera and a new version is available, the app will prompt you to apply the update.

Note: During the update, your Google Clips camera won't be able to capture new clips. Wait until after the update is complete to start capturing again.

Here's an overview of what you should expect during updates:

  • The Google Clips app will provide an indication of the update progress.
  • You can check the LED light on the front of your camera to verify it is still getting the update.
  • The update typically takes up to 5 minutes. If the update is taking much longer than expected, check if your camera is still updating by checking the LEDs. There should be white lights moving up and down rapidly throughout the update.
  • If needed, reboot Google Clips by quickly pressing the pinhole button on the bottom of the camera. After rebooting, you may need to restart the update in the Google Clips app.
  • If the issue persists, factory reset Google Clips and try to set it up again. Keep in mind that factory resetting will erase all data on your camera, including Familiar Faces and unsaved clips.
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