Suggested Moments

What are Suggested Moments?

Google Clips automatically identifies and suggests the top clips your camera captures so that they're easy for you to view and save. Suggested Moments include:

Badge Type Description
Suggested clips Clips automatically captured by your camera that feature familiar faces and pets. If you capture multiple clips from the same scene, Google Clips will try to pick out the best ones.
Manual clips Clips that you captured manually with your camera's shutter button. Manual captures are always suggested.

Finding Suggested Moments

Suggested Moments are badged with special icons in the Google Clips app's home screen to make them easy to find. Look at the top right of each clip for the stars or shutter badge.

You can also filter your view in the Google Clips app home screen to see only Suggested Moments:

  1. Open the Google Clips app.
  2. Slide the toggle in the upper-right corner to the right to turn on the Suggested Moments filter.

When the Suggested Moments filter is on, only suggested captures and manual captures will be shown.

When the Suggested Moments filter is off, all captures from your camera are shown.

Don't worry! Clips aren't deleted when you turn on the Suggested Moments filter. They're simply hidden until you turn the filter off again.

Note: When Auto-save is enabled, all suggested clips and manually captured clips will be saved to your phone and won't appear in the Google Clips app.

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