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Google Clips tips & tricks

With this quick guide you'll capture candid, spontaneous clips of family, friends, and pets in no time.

Choose what to capture

Google Clips is designed to capture big and little moments of family, friends, and pets.
Before you start, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Are these moments I want to remember with my family, friends, and pets?
  • Would capturing these moments with family, friends, and pets, be something to share?

These answers will help you choose when to capture with Google Clips.

Master your technique

How you capture is just as important as what you capture. Follow these tips to ensure your captures are wonderful.


  • Keep Google Clips in front of your subject to capture facial expressions and fun moments.
  • Match the eye level of your subject for a much better clip. Frame your subject in the center of your shot and try to capture their head and shoulders to avoid awkward cropping.
  • When capturing, open the app and start Live Preview to see what your camera sees. Check that your subjects are within the frame.


  • An ideal distance for capturing is 3 to 8 feet from your subject.
  • Capturing a subject from further than 8 feet away is great for showing the environment, but not ideal for capturing facial expressions.
  • To capture more of your subject, try placing your camera horizontally.


  • Set your Google Clips down or clip it to something nearby when your subject is stationary. With this technique, you can include yourself in the shot, too.
  • Holding the camera while capturing helps you to be mindful of camera positioning.
  • Track your subject while holding your camera in your hand to capture movement through space.
  • Once you're comfortable with Google Clips, try different angles to add variety to your content.
  • Google Clips helps you get great selfies, too!

Be prepared

You never know when a great opportunity to capture will present itself. Google Clips is very small and lightweight, and can easily be stored in bags or pockets. Also, remember to keep the camera charged so it's always ready to be used!

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