Understanding Job Postings

Google job postings follow a set format that makes it easy to understand what is expected from applicants, what the role entails, and any special privacy and inclusion initiatives that may apply to the position.These postings typically have 5 sections:

1. Minimum/Preferred Qualifications

These criteria describe the background that a qualified or ideal candidate might have. This section also helps set expectations for you, the applicant, about what background experience would be helpful for the job.

Most successful applicants meet all of the minimum qualifications for a position.

2. About the Job

In this section, Google describes the functions of this position. Think of this as more of a mission statement for the job. 

3. Responsibilities

Here, Google describes the responsibilities of the position. These are the tasks that you, the applicant, will be responsible to perform, if selected for this position. This list may not include absolutely everything that is expected of a person in this role, but it should give a good idea of the general scope of duty.

4. Location

This is where the job is located. Some jobs may be offered in several locations.


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