Take a selfie on your Pixel phone

You can use the front camera on your Pixel phone to take a self portrait (selfie).

Flip your lens

  1. Open your Google Camera app Google Camera. Learn how.
  2. To swap to your front camera, tap Switch Switch camera.
  3. Tap Capture Capture photo.
To flip your lens for a selfie without buttons: 
  1. Twist your phone away from you and back.
  2. To flip your lens again, repeat step 1. Learn how to turn gestures on or off.

Choose how selfies are saved

You can save your selfies as mirrored or non-mirrored photos. If you save a selfie as previewed, it won’t appear reversed after you take a selfie.

To mirror or non-mirror your selfies, in your camera, at the top, tap the Down arrow Down arrow and then Settings Settings and then Save selfie as previewed.

Change the appearance of a selfie

Retouch a selfie

To retouch a selfie, tap the Down arrow Down arrow. Then, under “Face Retouching,” tap Natural or Smooth.

Tip: The results of face retouching only show in the final photo.

Brighten a selfie

Before you can brighten selfies, you must switch to the front camera. To brighten selfies, tap the Down arrow Down arrow and then Selfie Illumination Selfie illumination

Zoom out on a selfie (Pixel 3 only)

The Pixel 3 has a super-wide front camera, so you can zoom out on a selfie. To fit more people in your photo, before you take a selfie, use the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Use an Auto-timer

To use an auto-timer, tap Down Down arrow. Then, under “Timer,” tap Off Timer options, 3 seconds , or 10 seconds .

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