Find and download apps for your car

In cars that have the Google Play Store built in, you can find and download apps for music, podcasts, navigation, and more.

Search for an app

1. At the top of your car’s screen, tap Menu Menu and then Play Store Google Play.
2. At the top right, tap Search Search.
3. Search for the app you want.
  • If the app shows up in the results, tap it and follow instructions to download.
  • If the app doesn’t show up in the results, it probably isn’t available in your car.

Tip: You can also ask your Assistant to find and download an app. For example, you can say, “OK Google, download Waze.”

Install a suggested app

1. On your car’s screen, tap Menu Menu.
2. At the bottom, tap the Play Store Google Play.
3. Collections of suggested apps will appear.
  • To download one app: Tap the app and then Install.
  • To download all the apps in the collection: Tap the collection and then Select all and then Install.

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