Purchase, cancellation & refund policies

Automatic renewals

You can select monthly or annual renewal for your Google Workspace Individual subscription. Your plan renews automatically. Find out what type of subscription you have.

If your auto renew fails

If your auto-renew fails due to an expired credit card or other reason, a seven-day grace period will apply to your subscription to give you time to update your credit card information. When you update your payment information, we charge your subscription fee immediately then resume your normal billing cycle. If you don’t update your payment method after seven days, your subscription will auto-cancel and you’ll lose access to your Google Workspace Individual features.

To cancel your subscription

If your subscription is canceled

You’ll keep access to your Google Workspace Individual features until your subscription period and billing cycle end. Once your subscription period ends, you’ll lose access to your Google Workspace Individual features.

Refund policy

Google Workspace Individual subscription purchases are nonrefundable, except in countries and regions listed below under Partial Refunds. Google Workspace Individual features are yours to use for the length of your subscription period, even if you decide to cancel it.

Partial refunds

Partial refunds are available for Workspace Individual subscribers in the following countries and regions: 

  • Germany
  • Israel
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