Terms of Service for Career Launchpad and Training Credits

By filling out this form, you are applying on behalf of your Organization (collectively, “You”) to receive promotional learning credits (“Credits”) from the Google Cloud Training and Certification program at no cost. The following types of organization are eligible to receive Credits if approved by Google: (i) educational institutions, (ii) non-profit organizations, or (iii) government agencies (“Organization”). Google reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine eligibility for Credits. It may take up to two weeks for your application to be processed. Google will send information about your application to the email address you provide in this form. 


By submitting this form, You, on behalf of yourself and your Organization, agree to these terms and conditions: 


Representations. You represent that Credits are not being offered as a gift to You and can only be used for the benefit of your Organization and not for your personal or hobby use.  On behalf of your Organization, You represent that (i) your Organization meets the eligibility criteria for Credits; (ii) You are authorized to accept Credits in accordance with your Organization’s policies; (iii) your acceptance of Credits is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations, including relevant anti-bribery and ethics rules and laws; and (iv) the provision of Credits will not negatively impact Google’s current or future ability to do business with your Organization. 


Use of Credits. Credits may only be redeemed for (i) Google Cloud Skills Boost educational content or (ii) Google Cloud Platform certifications and only used for the benefit of your Organization and not for your personal use. Credits may only be re-distributed by you to: (i) current students or faculty at your Organization if you are a student or faculty at an educational organization or (ii) individuals who are currently employed at your Organization or participating in your workforce development programs if you are employed at a non-profit or governmental agency (“Eligible Individuals”). Credits are otherwise non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. In order to use Credits, You and Eligible Individuals must agree to the applicable terms of service for the training and certification platforms or programs through which Credits are redeemed. Unused Credits will expire on the date indicated in a description of the applicable Credit, or one year following the date You received access to such Credits, whichever is earlier. Credits may be subject to additional terms and limitations, depending on the nature of the Credits or scope of the program under which you receive Credits. Offer void where prohibited by law. 


Consent. You, in your personal capacity, agree that Google may share the following information with your Organization and course instructor: (1) personal information that you provide to us during the Credits redemption process and (2) information regarding your use of Credits and Google Cloud Platform products.

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