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What can the Google Cloud Platform credits awarded through this program be used for?

GCP credits can be used for most computing services on Google Cloud Platform such as storage, compute, and data analysis. The credits can not be used for Maps Platform products. Credits may not be used for Google Cloud support packages. Credits must only be used for research described in the proposal section of your application.

Limitations: GCP credits may not be used to engage in mining cryptocurrency. Please note that credits are awarded at Google's discretion. Google reserves the right to not grant credit awards, revoke credit awards, and to change the qualifying criteria at any time.


What is the value of the credit awards?

Faculty and Postdoctoral researcher awards are worth up to $5,000 USD in GCP credits.

PhD student awards are worth up to $1,000 USD in GCP credits.


How should I disclose that I received GCP credits in my research if I receive and use GCP credits?

You should acknowledge the connection between your project and your use of Google Cloud Platform via a research credit, with a statement like the following: “This material is based upon work supported by the Google Cloud Research Credits program with the award GCP19980904.”


Do credit awards expire?

Credit awards expire 365 days from the credit issuance date, or when the credit amount has been fully used, whichever comes first.


Does Google prioritize certain research areas over others (e.g., Computer Science over Data Science)?

No, the GCP research credit program is open to any field of academic research. We see value in supporting and learning from many fields of research.


What GCP Terms of Service apply to my use of GCP services?

If you have a current GCP account through your educational institution, the Terms of Service negotiated between your institution and Google will continue to apply, as before. If you do not have a pre-existing GCP account through your educational institution and must create a new account to access GCP services, the Terms of Service you must click-to-accept govern your use of GCP.


What are the tax and/or legal implications of receiving a free credit award?

Researchers should consult their own tax and/or legal advisors if they have questions about the tax implications of receiving research credits from Google Cloud.


What does pricing look like for Google Cloud Platform?

For current prices, see the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator.

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