Credits and coupon administration

Do I need to enter any credit card information to redeem these credits in Google Cloud Platform?

No. If you are prompted for credit card information, you are likely using the Free Trial instead of the credits program.

For more information, check out the Receiving and Redeeming Coupons guide.

What is the value of the credit which we will be receiving?

Credit will have a value of $100 USD for faculty members and $50 for students.

If I already applied the credit to an account, can I apply it to a different account instead?

No, once you apply the credit to an account, you cannot transfer the coupon to a different account. However, you can fund projects in another account using the Billing Account created from the coupon. Here's a link for further information on modifying Billing Accounts for a project and a guide on Troubleshooting Account Issues.

What if I run out of credits?

If you are a student enrolled in a course that requires the use of GCP and you do not have any credit remaining, please have your professor teaching the course email us at to request additional credit on your behalf.

Google reserves the right to not grant credits and change the criteria for granting credits at any time.

Information is available about creating billing alerts and tracking usage in this document.

Will all of the credit be available to use within Google Cloud Platform once the credit is redeemed?

Yes, the full credit value will be available.

What happens when all of the credits I have in Google Cloud Platform are used up?

Nothing specifically occurs other than you will no longer be able to use Google Cloud Platform. VMs that are running will be stopped. Storage, including VM disks, will exist for 30 days and then be removed. For more detailed information, please see the documentation located here for the Free Trial program as the experience will be the same.

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