How do I help students troubleshoot problems?

Ask students to check their Student FAQ for troubleshooting information.

For help related to the career readiness program or issues with completing the labs on Google Cloud Skills Boost, contact Support using one of the following methods:

  • Email Support at

    • Subject line: “EDU CR: Need Help”.
    • Provide the following details in the message body:
      • Your institution name
      • Career readiness track name
      • The issue you are facing

    Support staff will provide assistance to help resolve the issue.

  • Chat with Support at

    • Click on the Support icon in the upper right corner and select Chat Support.

    • Enter your name and email as previously registered on Google Cloud Skills Boost

    • For Department, select Google Cloud Edu Program department

    • In the Message field, type “EDU CR: Need Help” and click on the Start Chat button


To troubleshoot on your own:

What is the discrepancy between Course Completions and Program Completed statuses?

In the program administrator dashboard, students are labeled with progress status indicators:

  • Each learner should have completed all courses in the Specialization for the track.
  • Do not confuse the “Program Completed” status for course completions. This status indicates that a learner has completed as many courses as they have enrolled in, but they have not enrolled in all courses.
  • For example, one learner with “Program Completed” status has completed 4 courses, but they have not enrolled in all 5 courses.

How do I contact the Career Readiness Program Team at Google about my application for the program?

Check other sections of this FAQ first to find an answer to your question.

Where can I find more information about Google Cloud Training and Certification?

For more information about Google Cloud Training and Certification, see:

What should I do if I have not received my Specialization completion certificate from Coursera?

If you have not received your Specialization completion certificate, please follow the steps below to receive the certificate:

  1. Login to Coursera.
  2. Open this Specialization URL in the same browser window.
  3. Click Enrollment Options and then click Enroll.
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