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How do I get started with the career readiness program?

If you've been invited to join a learning track in the career readiness program, you’ll either get:

  • An email invitation with the subject line <your track name> track + Coursera (check your spam filter if you don't see it).
  • A direct link from your faculty lead (upon request)

Follow the link in the email or from your faculty to begin setting up your account with this learning program. You'll also need to confirm your email address before you're able to join the program.

After you've joined the program, you will see the Specialization for your track. Click Enrollment Options and then click Enroll.

How do I access the Coursera program for my track?

To access your learning program courses & dashboard:

  • Log into your Coursera account at
  • In the upper left next to the Coursera logo, click the drop-down menu
  • Switch to the program with the title that begins with Google Cloud EDU
  • To open a course in a learning program, click the name of that course
  • To return to your general Coursera account, click the drop-down menu and click My Coursera

Support for Coursera Learning Programs 


What if I have trouble with multiple Google accounts and Google Cloud Skills Boost?

Avoid account confusion with private browsing. Log in to Coursera in Incognito mode before starting. Using Incognito mode ensures that you don't accidentally use your own Google account (including Gmail) while accessing the Google Cloud Console. This also prevents Google Cloud Skills Boost from logging you out of your own Google accounts.

Detailed instructions for using Incognito mode in Google Chrome are available here. Depending on your browser, Incognito mode might also be called Private Browsing or InPrivate Browsing.

To ensure lab completion is marked in Coursera:

  1. Access each individual lab by clicking Open Tool in Coursera.
  2. Complete the lab in Google Cloud Skills Boost (formerly Qwiklabs).
  3. Click End Lab.
  4. Close the Google Cloud Skills Boost browser window or tab.


What should I do if Coursera prompts me to reset deadlines?

Check the Coursera user interface for a button titled Join a Session, or Switch Sessions, or Reset Deadlines. Click the button to continue learning.

Note: Resetting deadlines in the Coursera user interface does not reset the overall track end date.

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