Redeem Credits

What are the current training credits offers?

200 Qwiklabs credits

200 Qwiklabs credits (automatically)
5,000 Qwiklabs credits to share with students (additional application required)

IT Admins:
200 Qwiklabs credits

How do I redeem training credits?

Students and faculty, please request training credits via the application form.

For faculty members who wish to apply for more Qwiklabs credits to distribute to students, you will also need to complete the training credits application form.

All IT admins must complete the training credits application form.

What online courses are available via Coursera?

Faculty members can apply to lead a cohort of students through the career readiness program. Current specializations include the Associate Cloud Engineer and Data Analyst tracks.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed and approved?

Training credits requested via the form can take up to two weeks to process.

What happens if I run out of Qwiklabs credits?

You can request more via the training credits form.

How can I share Qwiklabs credits with my students?

You can allocate your Qwiklabs credits to be shared with a person or a group. To do this, you create the share group, and then allocate credits and assign users to the group.

You can follow these instructions to create a share group.

A share group report shows how the share group's credits have been used, including the number of credits, date used, user, lab name, and other information.


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