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About demographic targeting hello sir I'm subhankar biseas yesterday i open my new google ad account coz I want to run my affili…
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Issue: 100% of id values received in the past day didn't match your feed ​Been trying to set up dynamic remarketing for Real Estate for a while now. None of the 'id' values …
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Can I create a customer list using API to substitute uploading a csv file manually Uploading a csv file take a while for creating a user list in re-marketing audience. Is there any co…
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how many people will see my ad in the UK if I spend 6 pounds a day First time ad user. I want to possibly advertise a tv show which is looking for contributors in the … why does other clothing show up on top of my Walniclothing.com ? I am targeting men and children. Why does other clothes show up when you google my walniclothing.com
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networks and devices Select Your Setting Under Networks and Devices...I dont know where it is Location targeting issue in AdWords I've had a campaign running for a few months and it's targeting ONLY people inside a 30 mile radius …
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You tube showing me 18+ adult content. In my family my nephew also use YouTube to watch cartoons. Why adult content are coming in advertising. You guys should took action against this. I am adding s…
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Remarketing list from three different websites that I own Is it possible make remarketing list from three different websites that I own? Do you just connect t…
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I really don't like to see ads like this. Not if I'm researching and meteor shower or anything else. I was trying to say I don't want to see that type of ad while I'm looking at meteor shower stuff you…
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