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I'm trying to import a CSV file into Google Ads Editor. I'm importing four ads, but it's rejecting two of them saying "the same entity is specified more than once with conflicting settings." The rejected ads are unique from the other two in that Headline 3 and Description Line 2 different.

Any ideas why this is happening? Is it because Headline 3 and Description Line 2 aren't always displayed?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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By default, there's no way for Editor to know whether your intention is to create a new ad or modify an existing one so it guesses based on whether a field value is essential to an item's meaning (for example a row with unique keyword text is most likely a new keyword not an edit).

When the default behavior makes the wrong decision, you can override it to explain exactly what you intend by using the "#Original" column name suffix. So in your example, "Headline 3" and "Description Line 2" are not default essential fields but you intended them to be treated as such. Just change the column names to "Headline 3#Original" and "Description Line 2#Original" and all 4 ads will be treated as insertions.

You can read more details about this feature at the bottom of the Help Center article here.
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I thought that #Original was for not overwriting existing ads. This was a brand new adgroup with 4 new ads being imported at the same time. Or are you saying the first two ads are considered "existing" even though they're being imported at the same time as the second two?
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Thanks! That explanation helped a lot!
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Then anyone has a hint to create an A/B test on Headline 3 without having to copy/paste thousands of ads one by one?
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Add "Headline3#Original" column, put some text there - any text will do (say "XYZ"), so long as it's unlikely to appear in your actual ads. This will effectively force Editor to treat each row as a new ad (as it will try to look up an existing ad with Headline 3 of XYZ, won't find any, and assume you want to create a new one). The text for the new ad thus created will come from "Headline 3" column as usual.
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yes.that was the helpful information that i got from google ads.com
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