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I am trying to find the keyword search volume, but it shows range value, my queston is how can i get exact search value of the keyword
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To get the exact value, you need to have an active campaign with threshold spend.
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The keyword planner is based on historical search trends, hence the range for projected searches. For exact historical data, you'll need to create a campaign, as Archit mentioned.

Once you do, this is the type of data you'll be able to see:
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I have more than 4 active campaigns, i have been using it for months only fews days ago, it started giving me range and i still have active campaging youtube videos and universal app campaigns
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Reason might be the spend is not upto the level to reach threshold amount for exact stats.
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Really, what is the threshold amount. i have never heard of that, if they increased that, the only say active campaign, nothing about threshold amount i ready anywhere. even when i was spending  1$ a day, i had access to it for weeks. now i am spending more.  i think there is a bug in my account. that needs fixing
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Google doesn't disclose the amount, but my guess is that it is below USD $100. Could be an all-time figure, or could be based on per month spend.
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To get the full access of keyword planner, you Ad account or MCC should have spent at least $10. 
Though there is no specific amount mentioned by Google but this is from my experience. 

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hello 10$? not my experience, my keyword is working well again, it was just a bug on the google ads system,
once you have an active campaign and it starts running, irrespective o f the amount could be as low a s 1$ a day like i do sometimes when i just want to be using keyword tool, you keep  getting full details in exact volumes, once you your ads start running in 48 hours time you should have access to full exact volumes.. my experience  ps.. and irrespective of the ads, i only do universal apps installs.. its sad but i called a few times wasted my credit on google support and its sad that they employ people that dont even understand the full tools they have and how it works (mostly indian people i talked with, no offence pls) but i saw they didnt know how google ads keyword planner to be exact works, i had to guide them like a baby. when they should be giving me support. one told me  i need to create a website campaign before keyword planner would work. i hav never made a website campgin in this account and i have been usingkeyword planner exact volume for years every day to do my research.. anothe rkept asking me the keyword i was puttung an di kept saying it doesnt matter the keyword i pu tthe issue was i am getting range value instead of exact value being ac active advertiser....Google ads need to spend more to train their support staff. i was really disappointed!
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How do i start a campaign and how do i run ads because this is my first time?
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I have the same issue. We've been running a Universal App Campaign for months and were getting exact search results. Since a few days we only get ranges. Please help us fix this.
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4 days
try to find the exact keyword and modified the broad match
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