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The status of some of my campaign is showing Bid strategy-limited, Maximum and/or minimum bid limits are being met by multiple keywords or targeting methods using this bid strategy. As a result, your bids may not be fully optimized.

How can I optimize my bid strategy?
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Hi Shivani

As per your question, when you saw status of your bid strategy is limited by one of the following 5 factors. To see which factor is limiting your bid strategy:

1. Bid limits:Maximum and/or minimum bid limits are being met by multiple keywords. As a result, your bids may not be fully optimized. 

2.Not Enough data in your google ads account or campaign: Google Ads could optimize your bids more effectively with more conversion data.

3.Low priority spend: The target spend for this bid strategy cannot be met. The budgets associated with this strategy may be depleted by other bid strategies or manual keyword bids.

4. Budget constrained: Many of the keywords using this strategy are limited by budget. As a result, Google Ads may not be able to raise bids enough to meet your goals.

5.Low quality score: Many of the keywords associated with this bid strategy have a low Quality Score. As a result, your ads may not be displayed often enough to meet your goals.

Hope it work for you. Fell free to reach for further queries.

Many thanks
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My help plese
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My account is not running  plese running
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Not sure the previous advice above is fully correct. I have multiple campaigns running target CPC strategies. In all of the the average CPA (both target and actual) is higher than my maximum bid limit. I have had the 'limited' notice a couple of times, but have removed it with modest increases to my Maximum CPC amount - still below the CPA target price. It appears to be a more nuanced warning and to appear when a significant number of potential clicks are being missed due to the Max CPC limit. I'd advise moving your Max CPC bid up for the affected campaigns, but only by 10 - 20% and then waiting to see if the message clears. If not, then another 10 or 20% increase after a couple of weeks.
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4 days
I am also facing same issue
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