Google Ads Editor version 1.1

Learn more about new features and functionalities in the July 2019 release notes for Google Ads Editor version 1.1. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

New features

Dark mode

With dark mode, you have the option to switch the UI appearance in Google Ads Editor from a light color palette to one with darker background colors and lighter foreground colors. Users can switch Google Ads Editor to dark mode by clicking the moon icon in the bottom right corner. Similarly, users can switch back to light mode by clicking the sun icon

IP exclusions, full support for IP exclusion criteria enabled

You can download, upload changes, add, delete, edit, copy, paste, export, and import IP addresses when you create a new campaign. In Settings, you can enter IP addresses to exclude them from seeing their ads. Previously, in Google Ads Editor, you couldn't update, add, or copy IP exclusions.

Image picker to choose images for various image fields

Previously, if you needed to use the same image in multiple places, you had to repeat the steps to upload the image from your computer.

This new feature lets you browse images for various image fields and choose from previously uploaded images. You'll still be able to add images from your computer.

Exact search

To improve search functionality, the exact search feature provides more specific search results when filtering campaigns or ad groups in Google Ads Editor. This feature is enabled by default.

For example, if you're looking for campaigns or ad groups on “dog accessories” and start typing “dog acc," you'll get search results like “dog accessories for corgis.” Previously, when searching for “dog acc,” you would have seen potentially unrelated campaigns, like “dog bed” or “dog apparel."

Checkboxes in accounts manager

Accounts manager shows checkboxes next to accounts, to make it more explicit that multiple accounts can be selected and opened together.


"Include Display Network" for Shopping campaigns is editable

You can now edit this setting for Shopping campaigns. Previously, it was always “Disabled” and couldn't be changed.

Universal App campaigns renamed

The Universal App campaign type is now "App - Installs." Universal App ads are renamed "App ads for installs." Later when Google Ads Editor supports UACe, it will also have "App - Engagement" and "App ads for engagement."


To simplify the Google Ads Editor experience, the following features and functionalities are marked deprecated with the release of Google Ads Editor v1.1.

Destination URL

Final URLs are replacing destination URLs as part of the URL upgrade. You can no longer create or edit ads that use a destination URL.

Destination URL has been removed from all ads and criteria. Sitelinks and app assets still have Destination URLs, since they exist in live accounts.

Dynamic Search Ads 

Regular Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) have been deprecated. Note that these are different from the expanded DSA. You cannot create new DSAs. You can remove existing ones and edit their status and labels.

Responsive ads (previously known as DRA) 

Responsive ads shouldn't to be confused with asset-based responsive display ads.

You can't create new responsive ads. You can remove existing ones and edit their status and labels. The "Export as responsive ads" action has been removed.

“Collapsed header” 

“Collapsed header" field for showcase ads has been deprecated from Google Ads Editor.

Support for "content/audience keywords" setting

Google Ads Editor has removed support for the "Content keywords: enabled/disabled" setting.

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