Fix issues with your ads and keywords

If your ads or keywords might violate Google Ads policies, you can use Google Ads Editor to find out why, and in some cases request an exemption.

You can also search for ads or keywords that were disapproved after they posted and find out the disapproval reasons.

Fix policy issues before posting your ads or keywords

Ads or keywords that may violate certain policies will appear with an exclamation mark (!) if they failed to post. Select the ads or keywords to find out the policy violation and correct it before posting.

Requesting exemptions

If your ad has been flagged for a policy violation before it posted, you can request an exemption. To do so, select the ads or keywords you’d like to exempt, and click Request exemption in the edit panel.

Find out why your ads or keywords were disapproved

If you posted ads or keywords and they were disapproved, you can’t request an exemption -- you’ll have to fix the issues before they can serve.

For ads or keywords that were disapproved, you’ll see the disapproval reasons in Google Ads Editor. To find a group of ads that violated a certain policy or requirement, select “Disapproval reasons” in the advanced search box .

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