Using the AND, OR, and NOT functions

The AND(...) OR(...) and NOT(...) functions allow greater control in how multiple filter conditions are combined to target very specific items being searched for.

Using AND and OR

By default, multiple filter conditions are "ANDed" together, meaning all filter conditions must match an item for it to appear in the results. The OR function provides a way to check for at least one matching condition, as opposed to all of them.

The AND function requires all conditions to match, so normally it wouldn't be needed, since that's the default behavior. However, if an OR function is used, the AND function can be used within it to get back the default behavior. For example, to find all campaigns where the delivery method is "Standard" or the budget is between $10 and $20, you could use this filter:

OR( deliverymethod = standard AND(budget >= 10 budget <= 20) )

In other words, at least one of these conditions must be true:

  • The delivery method is "Standard"
  • The budget is $10 or above AND the budget is $20 or below.

Using NOT

The NOT function simply reverses the result of the contained filter. If the filter would have included an item, using NOT around the filter will exclude the item. Similarly, if the filter would exclude an item, using NOT around the filter would include it. Within the NOT function, conditions are "ANDed" by default, so NOT(status = enabled enhancedcpc = enabled) is equivalent to NOT(AND(status = enabled enhancedcpc = enabled)). This will hide all campaigns that are enabled and have Enhanced CPC enabled. All others will be shown.


  • filter -- items must match all of these filter conditions.
  • filter -- item must match at least one of these filter conditions.
  • filter -- item must not match all of these filter conditions.


OR( status -= enabled approvalstatus = (disapproved, sitesuspended) )

Finds items that are disabled or disapproved.

OR( bidstrategytype = maximizeconversions NOT(budget >= 10 budget <= 20) )

Find all campaigns that have a bid strategy type of "Maximize Conversions" or do not have a budget between $10 and $20.

OR( status = paused AND(interestsandremarketing = targeting EXIST(audiences)) )

Finds campaigns or ad groups that are paused or have at least one audience and "Targeting" for their "Interests and Remarketing" flexible reach.

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