Version 12.4

The following features are now available in Google Ads Editor version 12.4:

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More bid strategies

Google Ads Editor now supports all available bid strategies in Google Ads, with new support for Target ROAS and Maximize clicks strategies. Learn how to manage bid strategies in Google Ads Editor

Responsive display ads

Responsive display ads (beta) let you provide multiple text and image assets in one ad, and then combine and test these assets to show the most relevant ads to your customers across the Google Display Network. Learn how to create a responsive display ad

Smart display campaigns

Smart display campaigns are now available in Google Ads Editor, meaning you can select “Display - Smart campaign” as a campaign type in Google Ads Editor and see performance statistics for these campaigns. Learn more about Smart Display campaigns

Fix policy issues with your ads and keywords

Before posting your ads or keywords, you can see if they might violate certain policies, and in some cases, request an exemption. In cases where your ads or keywords were disapproved after you posted them, you can now search for disapproval reasons, allowing you to find and fix a set of ads or keywords that violated a certain policy. Learn how to use custom rules

Faster landing pages and better click tracking

Today, when someone clicks on an ad, it can take several seconds for the final landing page to load due to tracking. With parallel tracking, the final landing page loads immediately, which will make it less likely for users to navigate away from a page after clicking on an ad. In addition you can now include 8 pairs of custom parameters for a landing page URL. Learn more about parallel tracking

Outstream video campaigns and ads

Google Ads Editor now supports outsream video campaigns, which support the mobile-only outstream video ad format. Learn more about outstream video campaigns

Other new features:

  • For call-only ads, the text length limit for the two “Description” fields has been expanded from 35 to 80 characters. The second description is now optional.
  • “Search Network” campaigns have been renamed “Search,” with an option to “Include Display Network.”
  • “Display Network campaigns” have been renamed “Display campaigns.”

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