Copy, move, or paste items in an account

Google Ads Editor provides several ways to copy or move items from one location to another. To see specific instructions for a particular type of item (such as keywords or ad groups), visit one of the pages listed at the end of this article.

Copy or move items within an account

  1. Select the appropriate context in the tree view. This could be your account name or a specific campaign or ad group containing the items you want to move. For example, to copy keywords in Campaign #4, select Campaign #4 in the tree view.
  2. Click the relevant type. For example, to copy keywords, select Keywords.
  3. Select one or more items to copy or cut.
  4. Go to the Edit menu > Copy or Cut.
  5. Select the destination campaign or ad group in the tree view.
  6. Go to the Edit menu  > Paste.

Drag and drop

To move something quickly, select it in the data view and drag it to the new location in the tree view. To copy it, hold the Control key.

For example, to move text ads to a new campaign, select the ads and drag your selection to the destination campaign in the tree view. The original campaign will show those ads as removed, and the new campaign will show them as added.

To copy or move ad groups, you can drag and drop them within the tree view.

Paste to multiple locations

  1. Copy a set of items (e.g. keywords, ads, etc.).
  2. In the tree view, use Ctrl + click (Windows) or + click (Mac) to select multiple campaigns or ad groups.
  3. Paste the items into the selected campaigns or ad groups.
  4. Confirm the ad groups that you’d like to paste the items into, and click OK.
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