Version 11.1.3

This service release focuses on improved performance for labels, sitelinks, and CSV imports, along with minor bug fixes. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

Labels: Several improvements to label associations and the ability to remove labels from keywords. Performance enhancements for accounts that have labels attached to many entities.

Sitelink uploads: Significantly increased upload speeds for sitelink associations.

CSV importing: Performance enhancements to allow faster importing for accounts with many ad groups.

Get recent changes (fast): Fixed problems with campaign bid modifiers and switching criteria between positive and negative values.

Campaign ad schedules: Newly created campaigns will post ad schedules.

Accounts manager: Improved speed and performance when dealing with a large number of managed accounts.

Validation: The local validation feature no longer displays incorrect errors for valid changes, and validation allows for ad customizers in dynamic search ads.

Find duplicate keywords: Search results are not case-sensitive.

Make multiple changes: Removed the "Replace" option from the "Make multiple changes" tool on the Product partitions tab to prevent errors when posting changes.

Spell checker: Mac computers with Retina displays correctly display Editor’s spell checker.

Application improvements: Various stability and performance improvements.

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