Version 11.1

Google Ads Editor version 11.1 adds more features from the browser interface, making it easier to manage an entire Google Ads account directly from Editor. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

Upgraded URLs

Google Ads Editor now supports upgraded URLs and tracking management. Destination URLs can still be changed in the edit panel, and final URLs are located under the “URL Options” tab in the edit panel. Ads can be upgraded without resetting their historical statistics.


Creating and managing labels allows you to quickly group ads according to your preferences. You can add multiple existing labels to any campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword, and filter them by one or more labels. New labels can be created in the Shared library.

Call-only ads

Create call-only ads directly in Google Ads Editor and update them in the edit panel.

Account and type filtering

The account tree and type list in the left sidebar each have new filtering options. The account tree filters by campaign type as well as the status of campaigns and ad groups. The type list filters by any type, including keywords, topics, placements, audiences, ages, type of ad, assets, unused types, and more.

More improvements to search and image search

The search field accepts multiple search terms (one per line) and returns results that match any of the terms. You can also select an image and search for all ads using the same image.

Spell-check in other languages

You can download language dictionaries and add them to Google Ads Editor to perform spell-checks in other languages. English spell-check is still automatically supported.

Mobile interest categories

When targeting ads to mobile users, use interest categories to further refine the intended audience.

Mobile App Targeting

Target mobile app users, refining your audience by which apps and app store they use, or use negative mobile app terms to exclude certain apps.

Mobile OS version targeting

In addition to targeting mobile ads by operating system, you can now select specific versions or sets of versions for each operating systems.

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