Version 9.8.1

Location targeting

New Locations tab: The new Locations tab (under Targeting) lets you add, update, and copy location targets quickly and easily. Location targeting no longer appears on the Campaigns tab. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor. Learn more

Ad formats

New Dynamic Search Ads: Manage your dynamic search ad assets, Dynamic Search Ads, and dynamic ad targets in Google Ads Editor. Learn more

New Product Listing Ads: Manage your Product Listing Ads and product targets in Google Ads Editor. Learn more

Updated rules for dynamic insertion: Anything using the form {A.B.C:xxx} or {A.B.C} is treated as a dynamic insertion tag. Learn more

Larger images for image ads: Images with dimensions of 425x600, 300x600 and 300x1050 can be up to 200K. Other image dimensions are still limited to 50K. (Note that 425x600 and 300x1050 currently aren't available in the Google Ads online interface.)

Campaign settings

Updated text: The text for the following settings is consistent with your Google Ads account. Learn more

Campaign setting Old text New text
Delivery method Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as possible Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as reasonably possible
Ad rotation Rotate: Show ads more evenly Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for 90 days, then optimize for clicks
Display Network Relevant pages across the entire network

Relevant pages only on the placements and audiences I manage
Broad reach: Show ads on pages that match my primary targeting method

Specific reach: Show ads only on pages that match all my targeting methods
New Exact and phrase match -- Include plurals, misspellings, and other close variants

Do not include close variants
Targeting method Target using either physical location or search intent (recommended)

Target using physical location: Device-based location signals

Target using search intent: Location terms in user queries
People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location (recommended)

People in my targeted location

People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location
Exclusion method Exclude by physical location only (recommended)

Exclude by physical location and search intent
People in my excluded location

People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my excluded location (recommended)

Shared budgets are read-only: It isn't possible to edit shared budgets in Google Ads Editor. To change a shared budget, sign in to your Google Ads account at

Import and export

"Add multiple" tools for single-column additions: Changes that require only one column (such as a simple list of keywords with no ad group name) work properly without requiring you to select the campaign header.

Change ad URLs with CSV import: You can now change the display URL or destination URL of an ad using CSV import.

Changes to CSV export:

  • Fewer status columns in CSV export: Status is consolidated into three columns (Campaign Status for campaigns, Ad Group Status for ad groups, and Status for everything else). See a list of columns.
  • Status of "Deleted" in CSV export: Removed items now appear with "Deleted" in the Status column, instead of blank.
  • Location asset status control: CSV export shows "Deleted" in the Status column for locally removed assets; otherwise the Status column is blank. The Location assets tab no longer has a Status drop-down.


Formatting for topics: You can use a variety of formats to target a topic. For example, the following formats result in the same targeting: Category:Games, Topic::Games, Topic:8:Games. Learn more

Bids: The ad group-level "managed placements maximum CPC bid" is no longer available. Learn more


Posting improvements: If you're posting a large number of changes, you can now exit Google Ads Editor after a certain point in the posting process, then come back later to find your changes posted. Learn more

Visual changes

Tab redesign:

  • Rearranged tabs: The updated order accommodates tabs for new ad types and targets.
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts: The shortcuts for jumping to tabs match the new tab order. For example, use Ctrl+4 (on Mac, Cmd+4) to select the Targeting tab.
  • Flexible tab width: If you shrink the main Google Ads Editor window, the tabs become narrower along with the main window.

Quick links to tools: Links to tools (Replace text, Append text, Change capitalization) now appear on the Ad groups and Campaigns tabs.

Other notes

Google Ads Editor now uses the Google Terms of Service. All users are asked to accept the Terms of Service when upgrading.

This release also includes other fixes and improvements.

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