Google Ads Editor quick reference (Mac)

Common keyboard shortcuts are below. For more shortcuts, refer to the menus in Google Ads Editor.

Type of action Action Keyboard shortcut
Download, post,
or check changes
Open account Cmd+O
Add new account Cmd+N
Get recent changes - basic (faster) Cmd+T
Get recent changes - more data (slower) Cmd+Alt+T
Check changes Cmd+K
Post changes Cmd+P
Import Cmd+I
Import from text Cmd+Shift+I
Search or edit Search Cmd+F
Clear filters Cmd+L
Select all items in data view Cmd+A
Make multiple changes Cmd+Shift+B
Undo Cmd+Z
Redo Cmd+Shift+Z
Revert selected changes
(Turn this shortcut on or off in Google Ads Editor > Preferences.)
Remove selected items Delete key
Accept proposals Cmd+[
Reject proposals Cmd+]
Pause selected items Cmd+Shift+P
Activate selected items Cmd+Shift+A
Copy selected items Cmd+C
Copy just keyword text or placement URLs Cmd+Shift+C
Cut selected items Cmd+X
Paste items Cmd+V
Replace text in selected items Cmd+Alt+F
Append text to selected items Cmd+Shift+H
Change text capitalization Cmd+Alt+H
Change URLs Cmd+U
Change bids Cmd+B
Navigate Move one cell to the right in the data view Tab
Move one cell to the left in the data view Shift+Tab
Move one cell up/down in the data view Up/Down arrow
Move between tree view and data view Alt+Right/Left arrow
Jump to views Cmd+number
(Cmd+1 for Campaigns,
Cmd+2 for Type list,
Cmd+3 for Shared library,
Cmd+4 for Data view,
Cmd+5 for Edit panel)
Make first cell in selected row editable F2
Close window Cmd+W
Open Google Ads Editor settings Cmd+,
Hide Google Ads Editor Cmd+H
Hide other applications Cmd+Alt+H
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