Add a sitelink to an account, campaign or ad group

If many of your campaigns and ad groups use the same sitelinks, there’s no need to enter them again and again. Adding sitelinks from the Shared library in Editor is a fast and simple way to edit multiple campaigns. Follow the steps below to add sitelinks to your account, campaigns and ad groups.

  1. In the account tree, select the account, campaign or ad group where you'd like to add the sitelink.
  2. In the type list, select Ad assets > Sitelinks.
  3. Click Add sitelink.
  4. Select a sitelink from your shared library.
  5. Click OK.

Note: All account-level shared items are shown in the Shared library even if only some campaigns are downloaded. Shared sitelinks won't show associations for campaigns that haven't been downloaded. Before removing sitelinks from the Shared sitelinks view, be sure to check that they aren’t associated with any un-downloaded campaigns.

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