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Google Ads Editor provides several ways to filter information in the account tree, type list, and data view.


Keep in mind: Starting with Google Ads Editor 1.6, you can perform exact searches by enclosing the search string in quotes or by clicking Tools > Settings > Download and Display > Use exact search in search box.

Account tree filters

The account tree (to the left of the data view) normally shows all campaigns that have been downloaded from Google Ads, but filters make it easier to find specific ones.

Click the drop-down menu button to the right of the "Campaigns" heading, then choose to filter by type of campaign or status of the campaign or ad group (or any combination of these).

Type list filters

You can filter the type list by any combination of types, such as keywords, topics, and assets. Here’s how:

  1. Click the drop-down menu button to the right of the "Manage" header.
  2. Under the "Custom" menu item, choose the types you want to see. All types are automatically shown unless you turn them off through the custom filter.
  3. To keep the type list tidy, you may also want to click Hide empty types in the drop-down menu, which will hide all types that don’t currently match any of your ads.

Custom views in the data view

Click the search menu icon  Search to update your data view.

Available custom views

Custom view Description
All unposted changes Displays the changes you've made in Google Ads Editor and haven't yet posted to Google Ads.
New items Displays all recently created items.
Edited items See all the items that have been changed since the last changes were posted.
Account updates only After you download recent changes, this option shows the downloaded changes.
Account updates with unposted changes only See items in the account that have both downloaded changes and unposted changes. For example, this view would include a text ad that has a locally edited final URL and a newly downloaded headline.
Proposed changes When you import an Google Ads Editor share file, use this option to display items that have proposed changes.
Unposted changes with proposed changes only Use this option to see if proposed changes overlap with your unposted changes.
Items with errors or warnings This option displays all items with either errors or warnings.
Items with errors See items with errors. Errors prevent changes from posting correctly.
Items with warnings See items with warnings. Warnings might require additional review before they post correctly.
Items requiring exception requests See items that require exception requests.
Items with comments View your own comments or comments imported in an Ads Editor Share file.
Show ads with selected images First select one or more image ads on the Image ads tab, then choose this option from the "Tools" menu to view only those ads that have the same images as your selected ads.

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