Pause, remove, or resume campaigns

You can start, pause, or remove your campaigns. Pausing or removing a campaign will stop its ads from showing. This article explains the steps you'll need to enable, pause, or remove your campaigns.

Keep in mind

If you remove a campaign, you permanently stop it, and you can't resume it.

Also, when you resume a paused campaign your campaign might not start running if you've also paused the campaign's ad groups, keywords, or ads. In that case, you'll need to individually resume the paused ad groups, keywords, or ads.

Before you begin

You’ll want to check the campaign status by clicking the “filter icon” in the table toolbar to make sure you’ve selected the right campaigns, for example “All,” “All enabled,” and “All but removed.”

Select and edit specific campaigns

  1. In the type list, select Campaigns.
  2. Select one or more campaigns to edit.
  3. In the edit panel, select a new Status in the drop-down menu. When more than one campaign is selected, the new status applies to all selected campaigns.

Import campaign status changes

If you want to import new statuses for existing campaigns, you need to create a “Status” column, which shows you the existing status of your campaign when you sign into your account. Knowing the status of your campaign can help you detect any problems related to your campaign. Learn more about campaign statuses.

You can also create a report off of your “Status” column, by clicking “Download” in the table toolbar and choose .csv from the drop-down menu. To finish importing the status changes, click the blue “Download” button in the form that appears.

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