Basic search

Basic text search within an account, campaign, or ad group

  1. Enter text in the search box above the data view, or above the type list title in the nav panel to search that type list.
  2. In the account tree, select the account name or a specific campaign or ad group where you want to search.
  3. The data view now displays only those items that match your search.
  4. To view all items in the account, click the X to clear the search box.

Use multiple search criteria

Type your first search, then hit Enter. You can enter a second search, which will also be applied to your results, if applicable.

Sample searches

  • Search for text: To search Campaign 2 for expanded text ads including 'shoes,' enter 'shoes' in the search box. Then select Campaign 2 in the tree view and and select the Ads > Text tab. Make sure to select a field name to ensure your ad text can be found.
  • Search for images: To search the whole account for an image ad , enter the image's URL. Then select the account name in the tree view and click the Ads > Image tab.

For more searching options, click the search menu icon Search and select filters from the drop-down menu to narrow your results.. With advanced search, you can choose certain places to search in your account and specify the type of search you want to perform. You can then view and edit or remove the items that match your search.

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