Key to symbols and colors

The following symbols, colors, and typefaces indicate the state of items in your account.


  • Plus (+): Addition
  • Delta (∆): Change
  • Minus (-): Removal
  • Red circle: Error (The item will not post.)
  • Yellow circle: Warning (There might be an issue with the item, such as a Google Ads policy violation.)
  • Green: Verified for posting (Learn about checking changes before posting.)

Color highlights

After you download recent changes or import a file, color highlights appear in Google Ads Editor to indicate the following types of changes:

  • Purple: Unposted local change
  • Green: Newly downloaded or imported change
  • Red: Unposted local change that conflicts with a downloaded or proposed change


  • Bold: Unposted local change
  • Gray: Paused or removed campaign or ad group
  • Strikethrough: Removed item

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