Set device bid adjustments for ad groups or campaigns

To alter your bids when your ads appear on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, you can specify a desktop, tablet, or mobile bid adjustment at the campaign level or at the ad group level.

If you set a device bid adjustment at the campaign level and at the ad group level in a single campaign, the ad group device bid adjustment is used when determining your bid. However, if the campaign device bid adjustment is -100%, then the ad group device bid adjustment isn't used.

Set device bid adjustments

  1. In Campaigns or Ad groups, select the campaigns or ad groups that you'd like to modify.
  2. Under "Device bid adjustment" in the edit panel, enter a value for “Desktop”, “Mobile,” and “Tablet” from -90% to +900%, inclusive. You can also enter -100% to opt out of a device for the selected campaigns or ad groups.
    • When importing bid adjustments in bulk, you don't need to include the percent sign(%). For instance, a +90% adjustment can be represented by the number 90.
A bid adjustment of -90% reduces the bid by 90%, to 10% of the original bid. Likewise, +900% increases the device bid to ten times the original amount. For example, suppose your ad group bid is $2.00, and the campaign has a device bid adjustment of -50%. When ads from that ad group serve on those devices, the bid is reduced to $1.00.

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